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What are the world's best gymnasts doing during a lockdown? Whether you are spending this quarantine improving your flexibility and your skills or you haven't a clue about where to start with your home training, we hope a little inspiration from these rhythmic gymnastics champions help you survive till gyms open again, and maybe even learn a trick or two on how to manage cabin fever a little better.


Soldy is being productive for sure this quarantine. She seems to be waking up at dawn as she believes that waking up at 4 or 5 AM makes her more productive. She is doing online masterclasses that anyone in the world can access with DuGym RG and other clubs. This is a great opportunity for any gymnast to learn from the best, make sure to check them out!

Besides that, she spends her days training and developing a new interest in skincare. She said on her Instagram she is cleansing and massaging her skin every night. This might be the reason why she is working with skincare brands on social media during this time too.

She is definitely staying in touch with her fans and friends. She's even going to collaborate for a Q+A with Yana Kudryavtseva about how well do they know each other.

It looks like she is making the most out of this quarantine, but she has mentioned she misses walking around her beloved

Moscow and going to the beauty salon. Don't worry Soldy, we are all in the same boat!


We are sure that a quarantine can't stop Kudry from having her hands full. Looking after her toddler and with another baby on the way she can't possibly get bored. She already announced her baby is going to be a girl, yay!

On top of that, she is teaching masterclasses and online training sessions on her website.

Fortunately, she is getting all her husband's support. She posts presents and flowers that he gives her and they look very cute on Instagram anyways!


One thing is for sure, Lala misses the gym. She is taking part in Instagram challenges and posting throwbacks of her training. We can only assume she is training at home every day with the help of coaches and parents. She is a rising star, it would be a pity if her fitness and technique were lost for something completely out her control. Keep it up, Lala!


The favourite twins of any bunhead are staying hopeful during this craziness. They didn't have it easy as they were staying away from their home and family and they missed their father's birthday. Despite all this, they keep sending a positive message to their fans with things like the video collab of pretty much every gymnast washing their hands.

"We invite everyone to take care of your loved ones and yourself, remind yourself of this reason not to leave the house! You can also practice in your favourite room, let this be your little gym till the quarantine is over!"


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