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Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotards

There are other things that you may be able to get in a regular sports shop, but competition leotards are not one of them. On top of that, they need to be stunning and unique, right? It can't just be any leotard.

It depends on where you live, but the chances are that purchasing Rhythmic Gymnastics leotard it's pretty hard. And, let's face it, Amazon or any other online e-commerce stores that sell everything are no good. You type "rhythmic gymnastics leotard" and some kind of tutu, an Ice-Skating leotard, and a strange costume made for who knows what pop up. Sounds familiar, hah?

So today we will review some of our favourite brands and stores that make RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS leotards. Time to get saving!


Art-Blesk is a tailor-shop that provides sports clothing, mainly rhythmic gymnastics leotards. The world-class rhythmic gymnast and coach Tatiana Kovyneva is the founder of the shop. The word “Blesk” means “to shine” in Russian and epitomises the company’s philosophy: to make its clients shine or sparkle and always to add lustre to their performance. Other than leotards you will find accessories and training gear in their online shop. Apart from RG they provide leotards and products for Figure skating, Artistic Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Trampoline, Synchronized swimming and Dancing Fitness among others.



Although sizing may be a problem, there are plenty of Facebook groups out there where you can buy second-hand leotards at a more affordable price, here are some of our favourite ones:


Remember the ugly leotards we were talking about on Amazon? Well, they don't have to be. Customizing a simple leotard it's really easy, anyone can add a few crystals and sequins, and it has many advantages. For starters, it's the cheapest option when purchasing a leotard. You can make it into whatever you want. If you customize it, you can do it so it matches the style of your routine, the music and your apparatuses.

Also, if you are doing groups, it comes in very handy, because it's hard to find the same leotard for every member of the group. The could be only a limited number of that model, maybe they don't come in different sizes, or some members of the group can't afford to spend as much as others on these things.

Where do you get your leotards? If you would like us to show you how to decorate and customize your own leotard let us know by liking and commenting on this post!


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