Rhythmic Gymnastics Apparatus Review

Alright ladies, we are reviewing brands today. Hope you have been saving if you are planning to do some RG product shopping, or else you will need to sell a kidney (maybe both) to afford them. That’s right, rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that aims to leave gymnasts with 0 moneys in their bank accounts: Half shoes, leotards, balls, clubs, hoops, ropes, leg warmers, training gear, warm up boots, hair accessories… They all go on top of club fees, competition fees, physio appointments and so on.

But don’t feel discouraged. Good products should last you a long time. And hey, is there a better feeling than using brand new pair of half shoes or a fancy glittery colourful apparatus? I don’t think so.

Here are some of my favourite brands for different items. I will describe why I love the products I write about. Every gymnast has a personal preference when it comes to gymnastics gear, and not everyone will agree with my opinions, but hopefully you’ll get a good insight of your own preferences or what you are looking for in an apparatus.


I can’t recommend Dvillena toe shoes enough, you guys need to try these. They are flexible and durable. They are very affordable and the quality is excellent. My all-time favourite model has to be the Africa competitions toe shoes. They are the most comfortable pair of toe shoes that I ever had. They have a microfibre upper and outsole and they have a zig-zag seam finish that protects your feet and also adapt to every move. They are soft and, in my opinion, the dark beige with the white logo makes them really elegant.

The Sandra toe shoes, from Dvillena too have the exact same qualities but they are made in a sandy, tanner colour. Depending on your skin tone, you might choose one model or the other.


Sasaki ball is my personal favourite. The grip and the feel of it makes it so easy to use. They are not too bouncy, so you have more control ever the ball and they are easier to grip with the back of your knee, foot, neck, etc… They are also great for spinning on your finger and do little tricks like that. Also, their metallic finish and their colour selection it’s amazing, that’s always a bonus!


Sasaki clubs are my favourite (hint: I really like Sasaki), because they are nice and light. They feel like an extension of your own arm, with makes them so easy to control during masteries, throws or whatever you are doing. I feel like the rubber is better quality than other brand’s… This might just be me but I feel is a condensed yet light rubber that is perfect to gain control over your clubs.


I like Pastorelli ropes, because that’s the one I have always had and I am used to it. The best characteristic of this brand is that their ropes are nice and tight and they don’t get lose while skipping, but they are not stiff either. I don’t like stiff ropes at all, I find them difficult to manoeuvre with. I know some gymnast that like their ropes to be tighter because it helps them with double leaps and skips, you might be one of them. Pastorelli ropes have a nice balance between tightness and softness, perfect for your first rope purchase or if you are looking for a versatile rope.


Sasaki sticks are a staple. They are light enough that you can make pretty shapes when you do throws and echappes, but not too light that you have no control over the ribbon. I 100% recommend Sasaki ribbon sticks.


Pastorelli hoop are just fab. Pastorelli is a very versatile brand and it always find the perfect balance between qualities, and their hoops are no exception. Make sure you get a tape with a nice grip, and that is not too heavy for them, else it can be trickier to use.

Hopefully this helped you figure out what king of qualities you want to be looking for in an apparatus, and you find your perfect brand too! This was just a really long post to basically say that Sasaki and Pastorelli are my favourite brands. Whatever brand it works for you, remember to always get FIG approved equipment. You cannot compete if your apparatus doesn’t have the FIG stamp on it, and even for training, you want to get used to the allowed weights and sizes.

Do some great shopping!


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