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Her Releve is a blog that aims to encourage people to do amazing things with their own body.  We focus on everything to do with Rhythmic Gymnastics. We touch all aspects that this sport involves; explained in a casual and lighthearted tone accessible to everyone interested in this beautiful sport.

In Her Releve we believe that what doesn't challenge you, doesn't change you. We are here to inspire and create a space to share opinions and make the community richer in an informal and fun environment with lots of memes Enjoy it!

Meet the team
About Enya
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Hi! I am Enya. I am the content director and writer for Her Releve, as well as a rhythmic gymnastics coach, Special Olympics Ireland volunteer and I am a certified Rhythmic gymnastics judge. 

Oh, I was a gymnast too but my back got injured so now I spend my time giving out about Russian overscoring.

I have a passion to express myself through beautiful movements and shapes that challenge gravity. This is why since a very early age I have been in love with ballet and gymnastics. 

I believe that all their benefits can change people lives, and I love to spread the devotion I feel for this lifestyle.

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About James

Hi, I'm James and I edit all the articles in HerReleve.com. I also give advice on nutrition and fitness, as I have a background in personal training and nutrition advice.


I love sport and new challenges that make people the best version of themselves, whether they are gymnasts, or any type o sport and fitness enthusiasts. I understand the way the body grows with physical activity and I love to share my knowledge to help others.  

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